A three days journey to Noto peninsula – vol.3

Missing Attachment


This is the final post about 3 days journey to Noto peninsula.

We really enjoyed an excellent dinner based on special brand crabs named ‘Zuwaigani’ and open-air hot springs where we could see sea of Japan and snowing view from there. Dad said “This time was absolutely the best hot springs I’ve ever been to. Because there was my son.”.

After hot springs, we went to bed a little earlier than usual. As we always sleep in separate beds at home, it was refreshing for me that we four families slept side by side. Because dad was so tired from driving a long distance and children were so exited at everything that they saw, they fell into sleep much quicker than usual.

Next morning, I woke up little bit earlier than others and looked at children. I realized that two children were sleeping in really similar face and posture. Though it was still so cold inside, my heart was warmed up😄