A growth record of Totto for 8 months – a shuffling baby

ass walking


Totto has became more stable for sitting up and now she has started ass walking.

I hear that a baby who starts ass walking without slithering nor crawling is called as a shuffling baby in English, and so my daughter ‘Totto’ is just a shuffling baby!😊😊

This behavior was also seen when my son ‘Timo’ was also the same age as Totto, who really did not like facing down.🤣😅

But because my husband’s older sister said to me ‘In my university of nursing I learned that a baby always ass walking might be congenital weakness and there is a tendency of delayed walking.’, I got a little bit nervous about my daughter’s development.

But soon after I changed my mind as it is usually different about the timing of baby’s development depending on the baby. Actually my son ‘TImo’ skipped a slithering phase and went straight to a stage of crawling from ass walking. So I want to watch my kids grow up.🌸🌸🌸