A lady on each arm

A lady on each arm


Children naturally grow up before parent knew it🤗

In the last journey for an 11 days trip to Tokyo and Nagano, we went to an Italian restrant named “Ho-No-Bouno!” in Nagano where my husband’s friend operate and cook.

Ho-No-Bouno is a coined word for the comibination of two words which are ‘Honobono’ and “Bouno”.

Honobono is a Japanese word means a calm or relaxing. Bouno is an Italian word means delicious.

In the restrant, there were two his daughters ( 8 and 9 years old ) looked very cute. My son Timo was really happy with them and instantly developed loves for both of them.

He really felt shy when finally he was taken a photo surrounded by them. ☺

This is exactly a word of “Ryo-Te-Ni-Hana” which is a Japanese idiom meaning of “A lady on each arm”.

Timo has grown up not in body but also in mind.