Hutch the Honeybee

Hutch the honeybee


That was about some hot summer day in 2018. On the day, there was a perfect blue sky spreading.

When dad was cleaning and wiping the balcony as storing water in the bucket, my son ‘Timo’, wearing only nappies, noticed it and go out into the balcony and began to toddle towards the bucket.

At first, he just enjoyed sitting beside the bucket and tapping the surface of water.

But suddenly he stood upright. Because I was interested in what was going to happen, I was watching him. Then he slowly put his one of his legs into the bucket and next put the other one and finally all of himself went into it. It was really fun because the size of the bucket was amazingly just to fit to his body size!

After some ten minutes, he finally went out of from there. Because his nappies absorbed a plenty of water which made his nappies swelling a lot, he looked just like Hutch the Honeybee!

I and Dad laughed because of watching such a sweet his appearance, though Timo was crying due to unmovable.

Wow, but the absorption of Moony, a popular brand of nappies, is really awesome!