Totto’s first meal at house – Japanese traditional ritual

first meal


Okuizome | Japanese traditional event

We took place a Japanese traditional event, called as ‘Okuizome’ at house.

In case of Timo, my first child, we took place his ‘Okuizome’ at a traditional Japanese inn, but this time we did it at house.

While she had a wondering face, she tried to eat food by catching chopsticks when dad brought it for her. So she must have a big appetite!😊

What is ‘Okuizome’ ?

In Japan, we take place an event of ‘Okuizome’ for a baby with wishes for him/her to grow up in good health when he/she becomes at 100 days past from his/her birth.

Recently this event is usually taken place outside because it is too much hassle to ready it at house.