A cat doctor

Missing Attachment


Recently there was an annual event called as “Recital of Living” in my son’s nursery school. In that event, preschooler performed a play with singing songs for each class.

Last year my son was belonging to a 0-year-old class and most of children in his class were only crying or were just frozen on the stage because of too much strain. Off course, my son was no exception neither. He had absolutely expressionless faces and just only stood upright on the stage.

But in this year, there was a little change for him.

When the stage was opened, my son stood in the middle of the stage with the appearance of a cat doctor. Though his friends were jumping happily to the music, my son stood upright with embarrased smile.

‘Oh,no… this is last year’s Deja vu. I remembered.’ I thought.

But, when the play was approaching the end, I could hear his loud voice “Meow!”. Even, at the end of the show, he finally came forward to the front of stage to hand out the medicine to the patient. He looked so lively and proudly.

I could feel my son’s certain growth. So, it was a very nice day.