Cat’s doctor

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The nursery school where my son goes through hold annual events,which is called “announcement of living”, to show parents the performances such as play and song in each class.
Last year when my son was a 0-year-old boy class, most of the children crying on stage, tightening with tension, my son was no exception, state of expressionless and standing upright.

That time has come this year as well.
My son stood in the middle of the stage with the appearance of a cat’s doctor.
Among his friends jumping happily to match the rhythm, my son stood upright
with embarrased smile.
When I gave up thinking that it would end like this, I could hear his loud voice “Meow !!” .
Finally,he came forward to the front to hand medicine to the patient.He was so lively.
I felt my son ‘s growth, and it was a very nice day.